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Through life coaching I  help you achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in your life. As a coach I am your  partner, knowing that the you have the answers to create the changes you seek.  I will urge you to reach new heights, push you to reach your potential, and hold you accountable for the changes you want to see in your life. My job is to facilitate your discovery and growth while walking beside you through your journey of transformation.

As your coach, It is important for me to get a sense of who you are and how do you feel yourself in your life. For this reason, the first session is intended to give us the opportunity to get to know each other and to design the future sessions, so we will have the best foundation to go forward and successfully achieve your goals.

Life coaching sessions last 60 minutes  and during that time, I will offer support and feedback to help you to stay focused on your goals and will occasionally set you tasks and objectives to work on outside of sessions.

Typically a coaching process takes at least 12 sessions. At the start of coaching it is helpful to meet you weekly, so that you can begin getting traction towards your goals. Once you’re making progress and keeping up your motivation, you can meet with me every two to three weeks so that you have plenty of time to work on your assignments between sessions.

If you never have experience a life coaching process and are curious to know if it is right for you, I offer a complementary 1 hour session, so you can taste how does it feel.

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Psycho-Spiritual Counselling takes the Soul, rather than the Mind, as its starting point of balance. It has an expanded view of life, recognizing that the world is a complex mystery and it takes into account belief systems, universal and personal energy systems, intuitive psychic realities, karmic interplay, subconscious and superconscious states of awareness, metaphysical experiences, spiritual theology, spiritual presence and higher-self cosmic connections.

As a Psycho-Spiritual Counsellor, I see that life is innately personal and I will support you to build your own unique, flowing relationship with it, organically and without force. With the Soul being the starting point you will come from your heart, whilst not forgetting your head. From this heart space your will care for the sacred interdependence of all life while finding your own way to understand and solve the life  issues you are confronting. I will walk beside you during this journey.

"The hands act on the body, from the head, to the feet.
But the massage goes beyond the skin, muscles, bones,
make contact with the innermost of you, touch your Soul, touch your being" ...

Type of Massages

Body-Mind Relaxation Massage


  Healing Touch Massage             


Holistic Therapeutic Massage


   Cranio-Sacral Therapy      

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Women's Circles

A Women's Circle is a safe place where every woman can trust, love, dream and share. It is a place to feel seen, heard and celebrate their true self. When women gather, there is a collective power to heal, find their voice, rise up and make a difference. Through women circles, I found out a way to hold a safe container for transformation, where women can see beyond the veil without being afraid about darkness, and through the shadow of unconsciousness. The circle is the place to tap into the Divine feminine wisdom where we can know from our intuition and penetrate beyond the surface, where the truth lies.    

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"When We gather together in a ceremonial container, we can heal, grow, and fulfill our hearts desires

in ways that are not possible on our Own"

Mark Gamache - Jumping Deer

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