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Redefining Father (virtual by zoom)

Tuesday, July, 28 2020 6:00 - 8:00 pm (MCT)

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  • 20 Canadian dollars
  • online

Service Description

Calling in Divine Masculine Do you often feel like you can’t make a mistake because you’ll get in trouble or let someone down? Or are you the “I’ll prove it’s possible to make it all happen” woman, no matter the cost? Do you feel like you are constantly on top of everyone, to keep a feeling of control or surety in what’s happening in your home/family/life? Or maybe you want to please everyone, in order to keep the peace? The relationship you had with your Father and proving yourself worthy of his love and protection, becomes the beliefs and stories that you bring forward into your adult years. These beliefs tell you: How you should behave so you’ll be loved How to please so you’ll be rewarded How to think so you’ll be accepted How to build your life so you’ll be successful. What you learn from the Masculine is “how to” and it becomes a way of controlling and containing life, if it has been projected from immature or shadow masculine energy. Sister, now is the time to release yourself from the confines of what was expected of you and transform your relationship with the masculine to allow yourself to be held, not contained. When we harness the gifts of the Masculine, we can open up space to listen for what truly desires to be expressed and created within ourselves. And we can use it to take up the space in this world that is our birthright. In this month’s circle, explore your experiences with your Father and how this has shaped your relationship with the masculine. Going down into the body, allow the Feminine to guide you in feeling all that arises, so that you can move with it and understand the role it has been playing for you. It’s time to make space for forgiveness, gratitude and healing so you can let down the barriers and walls that keep you from showing up as all that you are. Come to circle and experience: ✨ MEDITATION to presence yourself in Circle and connect with your breath and heart ✨ INTIMATE SHARING with sisters so you feel held and supported as you connected with the Divine Masculine ✨ MOVEMENT to clear your body, find gratitude for your experiences and allow your energy to expand and take up space ✨ CEREMONY to connect with the gifts you have received from your Father, so you can rewrite your story It is in Circle that we create safe space to be held and witnessed as we reclaim the Divine Masculine within. It is in Circle that we remember our birthright to take up space and be here authentically, vulnerably, bravely as we create our live

Contact Details

403 9036396

4 Silver Springs Dr NW, Calgary, AB, Canada

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