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This course can no longer be booked.

Live on Purpose (Online by Zoom)

Friday 27/11/2020 (6pm to 8pm - MCT)

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  • 20 Canadian dollars
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Service Description

Does busy-ness get in the way of taking care of yourself? Do you find yourself checking out with endless scrolling of social media? How would it feel to move through each day more present and aware? When you get caught in your head and everything you have to do, it can hold you back from truly being here, in your body, experiencing life. It creates tension in the mind and numbness in the body and before you know it, it becomes your default setting. What if you could call on your Priestess and find stillness again? What if you could shift from doing to being? The Priestess guides you to connect with what matters most in your life, to allow the feminine within you to be in devotion. She teaches you to be present in the now, while drawing down the support of the divine to create, moving through your life as if it is a prayer. A prayer to call in more and more of what you desire to experience, by beginning to live it now. Each moment of the day you have an opportunity to shift your energy, to bring yourself back to mindfully engaging with yourself, your family, your friends, the world. Each moment of the day you have the choice to connect with the Priestess and practice the art of devotion. It is time to step back into your power and live life on purpose. To let go of the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” and instead move with each next step a blessing. At this month’s circle, we’re calling on the Priestess to guide us into sacred connection with our lives. Join us as we practice being more present, more aware and more on purpose.. Come to circle and experience: ✨ MEDITATION to identify the aspects of the false self, removing the masks that are creating disconnection. ✨ INTIMATE SHARING to connect with what it means to be ON purpose and present. ✨ MOVEMENT to transition you from living in the head to living in the sacred body. ✨ RITUAL to walk as the Priestess and create a vortex of energy to flow out into your life. Becoming more present and aware in your life isn’t just about the mind, it is about the way you connect to the feminine that moves through your body. It is about opening yourself feeling and being. Seeing the blessings of what it is to experience life and imprinting that on the world with each step you take. You are a sacred Priestess, here to shift the way we live.

Contact Details

403 9036396

4 Silver Springs Dr NW, Calgary, AB, Canada

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