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Meet María

I have a holistic approach to health, recognizing the intimate relationship among body, mind and soul.   I have the ability to listen in an empathetic and unconditional way to aid my clients to recover their lost integrity and choose more authentic ways to behave and be in the world. 


I am a passionate spiritual seeker dreaming a best way for living, for me and others. As a psychologist with a wide perspective of life and human being, I offer support for your well-being from a comprehensive approach that includes coaching, counseling, and integrative massages.

From a therapeutic perspective, I embrace an eclectic approach where I  combine  a variety of therapeutic principles and philosophies; and choose the specific type, style, and techniques that work best to meet the specific needs of my clients. I also use my own life experiences of seeking for healing my body, mind, emotions and Spirit for more than 30 years. My intent is to hold the space for you to do the same.

Helping people, and in special women, is my  passion. I seek to support women’s current journey by creating an uplifting experience for them  in the sacred space of the circle and  through workshops.



“If someone touches  my life, it is a privilege; 
 Touching someone's life, it is an honor; 
 but Helping others to touch their own lives,
 is an indescribable pleasure”
Milton Erickson

My Story

I grew up thinking that I will be a scientist in Physics because for me, that was the best way to understand the world. After becoming a young, 16 years old, mom and a wife, I let others to change my mind about my future profession. I went to business school to find out, that It was not for me, so I moved on to another school closer of  what I was interested on. I graduated  as a Computer Engineer and after a lucrative and successful 18-years career in information technology, I realized I was living an unsatisfying  professional life. 

I came back to the university to study Psychology for several reasons, all connected and almost the same. Some of my family loved ones, including myself were at some moments suffering from emotional issues as depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. For a long time, I was confronting an autoimmune disease that shut my life down and I didn’t’ get a real support from the allopathic perspective of medicine. The only way  I found to heal was going deep into myself, my spirituality and the inner healing power of my mind and my soul. Finding a way to heal myself took me to the journey of understanding human being and the deep desire to  help people reach physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 



After living a complicated social, economical and political situation in my country Venezuela, I wanted to offer a better life to my children and I decided to emigrate to Canada. Arriving to a new country at the age of 47 years, I found myself with the challenge to restart my life again. Coming back to the University to Study Massage therapy gave me the opportunity to improve my approach to physical wellbeing and to consolidate a deeper holistic perspective of human being. 

My life has been driven by the quest of searching for the deeper understanding of spirituality.  For more than 30 years I had walked different spiritual paths to finally met Shamanism. In 2016, I  started to study the 5 years program, Red Lodge, where I went deeper in my spiritual awakening, I got physical mastery and I  developed a deep connection with my inner wisdom. I became a human being who touches myself, life and others with beauty.  

During all my life, I have had a natural ability to heal using my hands and my words. Realizing my true-life mission, I embraced my gifts and I reinforced them with all the formal training I have been collecting during my life.


Education & Certifications

My path of Professional development and Self-growth


Bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology

Psycho-Neuro Immunology

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Archetypal Psychology

Transpersonal Psychology


Certified Coach

Massage therapy




Hot Stones

Cranio-Sacral Therapy. 

Somato-Emotional Release






Zen Buddhism

Red Lodge Long Program- 4 years.

(Shamanism Studies at DTMMS

Sacred Sexuality. (Quodoska)

Relationships at the edge

I haves had the opportunity of doing the

Camino de Santiago in Spain twice,

and the Camino Inca, in Machu-Pichu, Peru


SISTERSHIPCIRCLES: Certified facilitator

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